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Domonique described in one phrase is a "selfless worshipper". She balances the busy life of being a wife, mother, sister, and friend all with the grace and peace of God being her sure foundation. Having discovered her love of music at a young age, Domonique wants to share this experience with others. As she has always been surrounded by a family of musicians and singers, worship became her heart's expression to God. Discovering instruments that were translatable to the melodies in her heart, she propelled as an accomplished musician as well as a songwriter. Exposure to various genres and sounds has allowed Domonique to develop her signature diverse sound. Domonique has allowed her love for God to develop her into the gift that is currently being used for the kingdom as a worship leader, artist, teacher, mother and above all else the daughter of Zion. Domonique seeks to guide others to the Father's heart by showing them that worship through music takes on many forms, but they all travel to the same place. As a Prophetic Psalmist, Domonique takes others down a path to experience God, a road she travels daily. Enjoy your journey with the gift that is Domonique Phillips.



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